Elevators & Parking


There are two passenger elevators serving Edmonds Medical Pavilion.

All elevators are designed for efficient operation. In the unlikely event that the elevators become inoperable, please instruct your staff and patients to first use the emergency telephone located inside each elevator cab. The telephones are connected to the 24-hour emergency switchboard. A building engineer or elevator technician will be dispatched immediately to assist you. In addition, there is an emergency bell that may be pushed to alert the building staff of any problems.


All staff should utilize the parking available in the outlying areas of the lot. Please leave the stalls around the front near the entrances of the building available for patients. Patient overflow parking may utilize the Swedish parking garage.


To ensure the safety of our visitors and proper use of our parking, please adhere to the following guidelines: 

  1. Please phone Management Office if you observe any hazards in the parking areas. 

  1. Remember to always lock your vehicle and remove any valuables including cellular phones. Healthcare Realty is not responsible for any damages to or theft from your vehicle. 

  1. Please observe all directional, speed limit and stop signs throughout the parking area. 

  1. Do not park illegally, in reserved areas, or in fire lanes. Cars parked in these areas are subject to citation and/or towing. 

  1. Trailers and towed vehicles are not permitted in the parking areas. 

  1. Handicapped spaces are reserved for disabled persons only. Cars illegally parked in these areas are subject to citation and/or towing. 

  1. All vehicles must be parked in designated stalls and may occupy only one space.